Rhino Retrofitting is a San Francisco-based full-service structural engineering and construction company, serving our customers for over 30 years.

We specialize in retrofitting, we’re here to provide our services to your softstory retrofit projects in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, fully compliant to its ordinances.

We are a premier provider in this industry, with more qualifications, knowledge, and competency than any other space company in the Bay Area, offering pricing that can include the entire process, from planning to a final inspection, under one roof. With company values focused on integrity, cost efficiently and great planning - our mission is to serve you and your retrofitting needs quickly at a competavive price.

Our Story

A building is not just your investment. It is your home, your abode. So, retrofitting plays an important role to fulfill both these aspects. It makes a building safe at the time of sudden disaster and it prevents displacement. Many of older buildings in the Bay Area are vulnerable, but those that have undergone retrofitting are spared of this danger.

By being true to our commitment of service, our confidence has always been very high.

Rhino adds unparalleled value by providing high-quality service at a competitive price.

Our expertise lies in seismic retrofitting. To safeguard our clients’ commercial and multi-family buildings, our team identifies potential seismic hazards and implements retrofit plans. Our techniques of seismic engineering can significantly reduce potential loss of life and property damage associated with earthquakes.​

Engineers are part of our team, and work together with the construction teams, and are familiar with dificualties the city may bring up.

At the beginning of their work, they evaluate each structure in respect of potential weaknesses, compare the building environment with code requirements for new construction, and set priorities for mitigation and implementation. All while keeping in mind how to cunstrion will be preformed as quckliy and at the lowest price as possible.

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