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Rhino Retrofitting is dedicated to you and your retrofitting needs. Cost-efficient structural planning, construction, and obtaining of permits. When you contact us about a potential project, we start by scheduling a time to speak to you regarding your project.

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Rhino is YOUR Retrofitting Solution

Rhino Retrofitting tailors all projects to your exact needs, and passes the savings along to you!

Detail-oriented Design

Cost-effective approaches to every project by paying attention to all factors in the retrofitting work.
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Your One-Stop Shop

Rhino provides you a detailed and transparent job from start to finish, filling you in every step of the way.

Project Management from Start to Finish

The entire process is handled by us: the acquisition of permits, any required departmental clearances, and coordination with tenants.
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You Know What You’re Paying

Firm proposals not subject to any price change. With Rhino, you always know precisely what you’re paying for!

Not Subject to Change

When you work with us, you get a fixed price so you know exactly what you’re paying. You’ll be able to seamlessly budget with these fixed prices!
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Over 30 Years in the Business!

We are a premier provider in this industry, with more qualifications, knowledge, and competency than any other company in the Bay Area. With company values focused on integrity, cost-efficiently and great planning – our mission is to serve you and your retrofitting needs quickly at a competitive price.

Rhino’s Projects

With over 30 years in the retrofitting business, we’ve done a lot of great work and helped a lot of important clients. Check out a list of some of our top clients here!

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About Rhino Retrofitting

Rhino Retrofitting is a San Francisco-based full-service structural engineering and construction company. Our main specialty is seismic retrofitting. We’re here to provide you our services to your soft story retrofit projects in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, fully compliant to its ordinances.

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